Over the years Google has evolved into a very complex advertising machine.  If you own an online business or are thinking of creating one, you will most likely advertise on Google at some point during your time in business.  AdWords can generated a lot of money for your business if used correctly, but it can also waste a lot of your profits if used incorrectly.

Use Ad Extensions Correctly

Google AdWords Ad ExtensionsAd extensions are relatively new to AdWords, but they have a big impact on your click through rate.  The click through rate is the amount of times your ad has been viewed divided by the number of times it was clicked by the viewer.  For example, if your ad was viewed 100 times and clicked on 2 times, then your click through rate is 2%.  Usually you want your CTR to be as high as possible, because this means your ads are relevant to the search, which usually means they will convert better.

However, you still have to take conversion rate into account.  Conversion rate is the rate of conversions such as sales, leads and other possible website interactions your visitors make on your website.  If your website is old and not well organized or has a very bad landing page*, then it probably won’t convert well.  So you may ask, how do extensions have anything to do with this?  Your extensions act as a guide to your ad, when your ad is listed on Google’s search results there are links under it, these are ad extensions.

There are various types of ad extensions and various times to use them.  For example, if you are targeting locally, such as if you own a hairdresser or ice cream shop, you would want to create site extensions for your location, so you would use a “Location Extension”, this allows you to add your locations so you can be found easier.

Sitelink AdWords Extensions

Site link extensions are great for pointing your customers to the exact pages they are searching for.  For example, you might want ads targeting shoes to show sitelink options for “red shoes”, “blue shoes” and so on.  In this case you would create a site link pointing to each option.



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