Why Should I Hire an SEO Expert?

by | Feb 18, 2018 | Online Business, SEO Related Articles

Hire an SEO Expert

Knowing search engine optimization is necessary if you want your business to garner attention in the modern age. If you don’t understand it, you need to get an SEO expert on your side who does. Research shows that most users searching for information online click on the first search result on their lists. In other words, you’re losing many customers, sales, and leads if you’re not No. 1 on the list, or at least in the top 5. Want to improve your search rankings, reach more customers, and drive more leads? Here’s a rundown of why you should hire an SEO expert.

Let’s Get Started!

Hire an SEO Expert to Boost Your Web Presence and Traffic

Maybe your website has taken up real estate online for a few years. Unfortunately, longevity online has little to do with how successful you are in your online business. Although it boosts the website’s authority, it does very little for how you rank. Let’s say you have a brick-and-mortar business. Just because your business has been on Main Street for years or decades doesn’t mean business is booming.

Something is wrong if your informative and well-designed website has been operating for a while but fails to appear within a search result list’s first few pages. Your SEO strategy could use a major boost. That’s where an SEO professional comes in. An SEO expert can help drive more traffic to your site so that you have more opportunities to convert potential customers to paying customers.

Save Time On SEO Tasks

Another reason to hire an SEO expert? It’ll save you time. And, of course, you already know that time is money. If you haven’t already figured this out, handling SEO independently is time-consuming. This is true if your company’s chief marketing officer — or you, if you operate a small business — is a novice at SEO. The more time you free up by outsourcing your SEO marketing, the easier you’ll find it to concentrate on your business’s core competencies and keep your company operating smoothly.

Remember that SEO is not something you do once and then move on with your life. No, far from it. SEO takes a lot of time if you want it done correctly. Fortunately, an SEO expert, unlike you, has the resources and time required to give your company’s online marketing strategy the attention needed to make it successful.

Stay on Top of SEO Changes

Did you know that Google’s search algorithm gets updated regularly?  And no, we’re not talking about several times a year or even several times a month. We’re talking about several times per day. Did you know they recently upgraded the meta tag description to 320 characters? Can you keep up with all of these changes on your own and implement them in your SEO strategy? Didn’t think so. Unfortunately, failure to track these changes can cause your Web traffic to decline because your competitors know these things when you don’t.

However, part of an SEO expert’s job is to know when brand-new updates are coming and then ensure that these updates are implemented for your business website. That’s why hiring an SEO expert is so valuable. An expert will keep you from getting left behind in the digital dust. It’s very similar to any profession.  I’m sure you would not represent yourself in court; you would hire a lawyer because they know the rules of law.  Well, an SEO expert knows the rules of search engines.

Avoid Costly SEO Mistakes

A seemingly minor SEO error can spell major problems for your business ranking on search engines. For instance, perhaps you are utilizing a certain keyword too often or are not naming your blog post images. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as over-optimization, which can be as detrimental as under-optimization.

Why? Because search engines will penalize your website, and you may even get blacklisted. That means you’ll lose traffic and sales leads, which will take more money and time to reclaim. This is why it’s critical to hire an SEO. You might understand some SEO basics, but not much more than that. And unfortunately, that’s not enough in today’s online world.

If you want to survive, your understanding of SEO needs to be strong. You’re so preoccupied with running your business that focusing on following Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and employing white-hat SEO practices are probably not high on your daily to-do list. They are on an SEO expert’s priority list, though. Get an expert to help you.

Understand Your Current SEO Situation

Generating and analyzing reports on your company’s SEO performance is critical for evaluating what works and what does not. Are your marketing efforts helping you to achieve your goals? Metrics that need to be monitored on an ongoing basis include the following:

  • Conversion rate tied to search queries
  • Rankings of key phrases and terms in search results
  • Quantity of visitors that search engines are referring to your website

SEO experts understand the value of statistics, and they also understand SEO statistics inside out. This means they can transform your business’s SEO report data into business intelligence you can easily digest and capitalize on immediately.

Improve Your Online Business ROI

Getting a good return on your investment is paramount in every area of your business, and SEO marketing is no exception. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, it is crucial that your marketing is done properly. When you hire an SEO expert, the expert can create measurable goals for you that increase your brand recognition and, thus, the return on your investment.

How We Can Help You With Your SEO

Webdesignservices.net ranks for most of its target key phrases, and our client’s website does. We have a successful track record of helping businesses to grow organically rather than simply spamming search engines. This is what makes us stand out in the SEO industry. For over 18 years, we have been providing both SEO and PPC techniques, dramatically increasing the income of many of our clients.

We know how to get your website noticed and help you to be viewed as a valuable authority in your industry. Once you secure this foothold, you can dominate the competition in driving traffic to your site.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your company climb up in the search rankings and remain on the top long term.

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