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Below you will find some of our most comment questions and answers to them.  If you do not see your question or would like a quote, please click below and get a free estimate.

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Where is Seller's Bay Located?

We are located in beautiful Lake Mary, Florida, USA.  However, we offer our services worldwide.  If you are located within a 50-mile radius of Lake Mary we will also meet with you in person to discuss your project face to face.  But we have worked successfully with clients remotely for many years and know how to efficiently communicate with clients nationwide, or even worldwide.  We have worked with clients in the USA, Mexico, Canada, England, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Russia, China, and many others.  

How long has Seller's Bay been in business?

Seller’s Bay has in business since 1998.  Over this time we have constructed almost every type of website you can think of.  This gives us great insight and experience we can pass on to each of our clients saving them thousands of dollars and many hours of their time in research.  We’ve already seen all the mistakes and successes and have already worked with various industries, such as construction, real estate, financial, education, clothing, restaurants, inventors, transportation, gift stores, and many many others.  Our services include everything your online business will ever need to thrive online.

What is the process for building a website?

Each website we build will be created to fit your business like a glove.  We want to promote your brand and get your customers to remember your brand instead of your competitor’s.  

Our Process

  • We schedule a call to discuss your project in detail
  • We create an estimate based on the details obtained during our call
  • If the estimate is agreed to, we will create an agreement to be signed by all parties involved, this can be signed electronically and there is no need to meet in person.  However, we can meet you in person if you are within a 50-mile radius of Lake Mary, Florida.  If your project is over $50,000 we will meet with you nationwide after the contract has been signed, or before if you cover our travel and time expenses.  
  • No matter how large your budget is we only require $199 down to create a sample design.  This sample design comes with a money-back guarantee. If we can’t create a design you love, even after several revisions, then we will give you your $199 deposit back.  However, any designs we create cannot be used on your project.
  • After the design has been accepted we will require a 2nd deposit to begin development on your website.  The size of this deposit will depend on the size of your project but is usually 50% of the estimated project.
  • We then begin the development of each page of your website and get your feedback and approval along the way.
  • After the website is 100% finished we will get your approval and final payment.
  • We will then either host your website and connect your domain name, or we can transfer the site to a hosting provider of your choice at no extra charge.
  • We set up your site, make sure everything is working correctly, and offer maintenance, SEO, or any other services you might require.
  • We recommend having a monthly budget to advertise your website, even if you do not spend your budget with us you certainly need one to success in today’s competitive online environment.
Do you build WordPress websites?

We build a large variety of websites, WordPress is usually our top choice for most website builds as it’s very reliable, flexible, and budget-friendly.  We have even developed several successful plugins for WordPress and can custom design your theme to exactly match your business requirements. That said, we can also build your website with other available options, such as Joomla! or custom developed from scratch with either PHP or  We are capable of building complex, custom development online applications from scratch.  So no matter what you need for your online business we have the ability to design, develop, and promote it for you.

How long will it take to build my website?

We build custom websites so there will be revisions on each design and page we build.  Therefore, it will depend on how many pages you have, how complex they are, and if you are available for feedback and to make changes as required.

But the average 10-page website takes about 3 weeks to create if we have everything we need from the client to finish it.

To speed up the process here are some things you can do:

  1. Purchase your domain name and keep all the required login details handy for us so we have it when we finish the site
  2. Gather all the content and images that you want for the site and give them to us when you order the site
  3. If you are having an eCommerce website built then you will need to provide us with all the details for each product.
How much do you charge for a website?

Our prices are very fair considering the quality we provide.  We will give you a quote based on the size and complexity of your project.  Please fill in this form and we will contact you shortly afterward with a quote.

Do you offer website hosting?

Yes, we offer high-quality website hosting packages based on each of our client’s individual requirements.  Every website is different, so we tailor our package to fit the exact requirements for each project and allow expansion later on as your website grows.  In the beginning, you might only need a shared, host cost hosting package, and then once your gain more traffic, sales, and or leads we can expand your package to a dedicated server or cloud-based hosting to allow your business to grow faster.

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