Social Media Marketing

Let Seller's Bay manage your social media while you run your business.

Have a brand new website and now you need to tell everyone about it?

That’s where social media marketing comes in. Social Media is growing, and is fast becoming the main lead, and sales generating method for online businesses worldwide. To make sure your online business has every advantage possible it is crucial that you establish a solid social media presence for your company.  We realize you may not have time to run your business and also post updates and be active in your social media accounts.  This is why we offer a hands free social media management service at reasonable rates.

Facebook Page Social Media Marketing and Design

We can create your Facebook page so that it matching your brand. Then we start promoting it to your target audience. The more followers you have on your Facebook page, the more traffic and leads you will obtain. Facebook is growing fast and if you don’t have an active Facebook page then you are missing out on extremely targeted leads and sales.

Twitter Page Promotion & Design

Twitter is a very powerful social platform for your business. You can promote new products, notify your followers of upcoming events and gain traffic to your website. We make sure your Twitter profile is top notch and we gain regular followers to your profile.
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