Affordable Web Design for Small Businesses

For a one-time fee of just $1,200

Introducing Our Affordable Web Design for Small Business Package: Empower Your Business with a Professional Online Presence for Just $1,200!

Establishing a solid online presence is crucial for small businesses trying to stand out. Recognizing small business owners’ challenges in balancing quality with cost, we’ve crafted an exclusive, affordable website package to address all your web design needs without breaking the bank.

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Affordable Web Design for Small Business
Michael Patterson
Michael Patterson
I designed pretty much exactly what I wanted for a web site before approaching Seller's Bay. I worked with Robert who made sure he understood what I was looking for. He checked in with me frequently during the process. I've have had about 6 web sites designed for me over the past 20 years. Robert is the right up there with the very best. I highly recommend him for web site design and SEO advice.
Christian Monea
Christian Monea
Robert and his team really worked with us on our website design. We had ideas and concepts and they did a great job of "fleshing" it out and were very patient with us on numerous changes. I would highly recommend Seller's Bay to anyone who needs website design or SEO work
Diana Giger
Diana Giger
Robert has been a joy to work with on building 2 restaurant websites simultaneously. He is extremely prompt and professional and goes above and beyond his scope of work. He has exceeded all my expectations and made this process painless and enjoyable. I HIGHLY recommend Seller's Bay for your website and SEO projects!
Mia Pugh
Mia Pugh
Excellent Services 😊😊😊
Neftali Melendez
Neftali Melendez
Highly recommend this business. The new website came out great. We had an issue linking the email address to the website Mr long was patience with me and created how to videos for me to follow. That is what I call customer service! Cant wait to hear some SEO options.
Jason Foisy
Jason Foisy
Fantastic service, very happy with our new website. Robert has been a sincere pleasure to work with! Highly recommended!!
Neftali Melendez
Neftali Melendez
Highly recommend this company!! They did an awesome job on my new website and I am extremely happy. We had some issues with liking the Email something really simple but I am definitely technically challenged in that area. Mr Long took his time and sent me personal video's created by him to resolve the issues. That is TOP costumer service!!!!! Cant wait to see the options for the SEO Services. Highly Recommend This Company!!!
Catie C
Catie C
Robert was incredibly helpful, informative and great to work with! Especially with topics that I didn't know much about when building websites. Will most certainly be working with him in the future!
Affordable Web Design for Small Businesses

What’s Included in the Affordable Web Design for Small Business Package?


Web Design and Content Creation

Five Custom Web Pages: Our package covers the design of five essential web pages, including a Home Page, About Us, Contact Us, and two additional pages of your choice. Whether it’s showcasing your services, products, or a gallery of your work, we’ve got you covered.

Professional Content Writing: Engaging and persuasive content is critical to capturing your audience. We provide content writing for all five pages, with up to 1,000 words per page, tailored to reflect your brand’s voice and message.

Stunning Visuals: Each page will be enhanced with three high-quality images, ensuring your website is visually appealing and engaging for your visitors.

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SEO and Performance Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Our package includes comprehensive SEO for each page, involving keyword optimization, meta descriptions, and title tags to improve your website’s visibility and rankings on search engines.

Speed Optimization: A fast-loading website is essential for user satisfaction and SEO. We implement speed optimization techniques to ensure your site provides a seamless experience for all users.

Hosting, Email, and Beyond

Free Hosting for One Year: Eliminate the hassle of finding and setting up hosting. Our package includes one year of free hosting, ensuring your website is up and running smoothly.

SEO for small business
CMS Design

WordPress CMS and Premium Theme

WordPress CMS with Divi Theme: Enjoy the flexibility and ease of use of WordPress, the world’s leading content management system. Paired with a fully licensed Divi theme, you’ll have access to countless design options and features.

SEO Plugin Installation: Choose between Yoast or SEO Math for your SEO plugin, ensuring your site follows best practices for search engine optimization.

Training and Support

One Hour of Training: Our package includes one hour of training on how to use the WordPress CMS and Divi theme effectively to empower you to manage and update your website.

Email Accounts Setup: Professionalize your communication with five email accounts set up under your domain, enhancing your brand’s credibility.

Free Logo Design: A memorable logo is a cornerstone of your brand identity. Our team will design a custom logo for your business, included free in our package.

CMS Design

Frequent Questons About The Small Business Website Package

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Why is this package considered affordable for small businesses?

Our Affordable web design for small businesses package is designed to offer a high-quality online presence without a significant financial burden, it includes much more than the usual website packages for the same or less than many of our competitors.

For small businesses, budget constraints are a common concern; hence, web design packages like ours for $1,200 provide a comprehensive solution including design, content creation, SEO, and hosting.

This allows small businesses to invest in their growth without compromising on the quality or effectiveness of their digital footprint.

By focusing on essential features that drive performance and customer engagement, such as SEO-friendly content and fast-loading pages, small businesses can maximize their return on investment.

How can professional web design elevate a small business's online presence?

Professional web design plays a crucial role in how a small business is perceived online. A well-designed website serves as the digital face of a business, embodying its brand and values through visual elements and user experience.

By investing in professional design, businesses ensure that their site is not only visually appealing but also functional and easy to navigate. This enhances user engagement and satisfaction, which are critical for converting visitors into customers.

Moreover, a professional site supports SEO efforts, increasing visibility and attracting more traffic, which is vital for growth.

Why is SEO important for small business websites, and how is it integrated into the package?

SEO is vital for small business websites as it helps increase their visibility on search engines, driving organic traffic without ongoing advertising costs.

Our package includes keyword optimization, meta descriptions, and title tags for each page, enhancing your website’s chances of ranking higher in search results.

By integrating SEO into the design process, we ensure that your site is optimized from the start, setting a strong foundation for your online presence and making it easier for potential customers to find your business when they search for related services or products.

Can you explain the importance of speed optimization in web design?

Speed optimization is critical in web design as it directly impacts user experience and SEO.

A fast-loading website ensures that visitors can access content quickly, reducing bounce rates and encouraging longer visits, which can lead to increased engagement and conversions.

Moreover, search engines like Google consider page speed as a ranking factor, so a faster website also improves your SEO performance.

Our package employs advanced speed optimization techniques to ensure your site performs well, providing an excellent experience for all users.

What advantages does the WordPress CMS and Divi theme offer to small business owners?

The WordPress CMS combined with the Divi theme offers tremendous flexibility and ease of use, which are essential for small business owners who need an efficient yet powerful online platform.

WordPress is known for its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options, while Divi provides numerous design tools and pre-built elements that make it easy to create a professional-looking website without needing to code.

This combination allows small business owners to manage and update their websites effortlessly, keeping their content fresh and engaging.

What advantages does the WordPress CMS and Divi theme offer to small business owners?

The WordPress CMS combined with the Divi theme offers tremendous flexibility and ease of use, which are essential for small business owners who need an efficient yet powerful online platform.

WordPress is known for its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options, while Divi provides numerous design tools and pre-built elements that make it easy to create a professional-looking website without needing to code.

This combination allows small business owners to manage and update their websites effortlessly, keeping their content fresh and engaging.

What training is provided with the web design package?

Our affordable web design package includes one hour of training on how to effectively use the WordPress CMS and Divi theme.

This training empowers small business owners to take control of their website, understanding how to update content, manage pages, and adjust basic settings.

This knowledge is invaluable as it enables business owners to keep their site up-to-date and responsive to their evolving business needs without always relying on external help.

Why is having a custom logo important for small businesses?

A custom logo is crucial as it represents your business’s identity and is often the first thing a potential customer will notice. Including a free logo design in our web design package helps small businesses establish a strong, recognizable brand from the outset.

A well-designed logo can communicate the essence of your business and build trust with your audience, which is vital for cultivating customer loyalty and distinguishing your business from competitors.

Reviews From Our Clients

Finally, I have found a design and marketing team that is as dedicated to the success of my business as I am. Robert and his team deserve high praise for their work ethic and ingenuity. They successfully switched over and transformed our websites from Volusion templates to Shopify, and the results have been tremendous. Once the websites were designed and running, Sellers Bay took over my PPC and SEO campaigns, and the results speak for themselves. We have doubled sales, and our organic sales are now 45% of total sales versus before they took over, which were only 22% of sales. This switch allows us to reduce our PPC spending and increase sales simultaneously. Having one company that can handle all our needs is also extremely convenient. Throughout the years, we have tried many other companies in the United States to work on our tasks, and none could do what Sellers Bay has done in just six months.

Robert Hanflig

Owner, The Stove Center

Seller's Bay has helped us with so many aspects of our website. From page design to managing PPC advertising, they have the expertise to help grow any business that needs a quality online presence. I highly recommend their services.
Mike Monahan

Owner, Signature School Products, Inc.

Seller's Bay is trustworthy; i.e., genuinely has the client's best interest and is highly capable of delivering high-quality web design at a reasonable price. Furthermore, Seller's Bay is dependable regarding follow-up customer/client service.

I know this because Robert Long of Seller's Bay largely designed my fairly involved business website and, for well over ten years, has maintained it well. I may soon hire Seller's Bay to help design a much-improved website, and I may also reach out for his help regarding high-impact Online Marketing.

Here is why! Robert Long of Seller's Bay carefully listened to my needs, offered many constructive ideas, then communicated regularly, always working in a timely, professional manner -- delivering a solid website product that was right on target for my business, and again at a reasonable price.

Seller's Bay has proven excellent about being available for updates and keeping a website operating well. If a website ever runs into a problem, and they do, know that if Seller's Bay designed it, you could rely on Robert Long to be there for you quickly and capable to get you back up to full speed. Again, he is trustworthy! I feel good about recommending Seller's Bay and Robert Long.

Robert Belcher

Owner, Belcher & Associates

I have worked with Robert and his team on several different projects. They always do a great job, and they are very professional. Highly recommended!
Christie McClung


Robert worked with me to help upgrade, redesign and market one of my eCommerce websites, and he was GREAT! I'm happy with the results; he was always on time, charged reasonable rates, and was easy to work with, especially in terms of moving the project along. I recommend him and would hire him again if needed.
Sherry Gillis


 We were very pleased with Robert’s expertise and creativeness when he built our company website. We knew we needed a website but did not know the first thing about what information needed to appear on one. Robert advised us, built the website and continues to update and make any changes we need made. He does this professionally, timely and economically.
Janet Woodworth

Owner, Woodworth Services, LLC

 Robert is extremely conscientious and good to work with.
Joseph Griffith

Attorney, Joe Griffith Law Firm, LLC

Our website currently ranks number 3 on Google for the keyword search term, custom corvettes, which is our primary keyword set. Besides the excellent web design and programming skills WDS provided, they also did an excellent job setting it up so that I could navigate and edit it myself. They were very patient with me and my minimal knowledge of Web site design and terminology. Our new Web site looks very professional and represents our business well.
Kerry Jamison

Owner, Jamison's Custom Corvette, Inc.

Working with Seller's Bay was fantastic. I called three other companies asking them for PowerPoint Illustrations, and not only was the service much better at Seller's Bay, but the price was too. Someone rarely underpromises and over-delivers in today's business world, but in my experience, that is precisely what happened. They were easy to work with, their product was excellent, and it made me look good.

Owner, Barndollar Financial Services

Seller's Bay's enthusiasm for our web development project was only outdone by their expertise, creativity, and professionalism. Their combined design skills and programming knowledge helped us communicate effectively and, thus, expedited the project’s completion. Being under a tight timeline, they exceeded my expectations for meeting our deadline. Above all, Seller's Bay's main concern was to make sure we, as a company, were satisfied and happy with our site. They were very responsive to all our concerns and project modifications. I would recommend Seller's Bay to anyone who appreciates one-on-one service and a first-rate end product. Our company will gladly continue to work with Seller's Bay on this and future projects.
Advantage Office Furniture

Staff, Advantage Office Furniture

Thanks to Robert for the excellent job Seller's Bay did for our company on a tight Web site development schedule. The process was not only fast and efficient; it was conducted in a highly professional manner and at a reasonable and fair price. I recommend Robert and his web development firm's services to any businessman looking for prompt, professional creativity and workmanship in fulfilling their vision for their company Website.
Wild Fire Wi-Fi Connections

Staff, Wild Fire Wi-Fi Connections