If you own or run the marketing for a locally focused business, it’s crucial to setup and maintain a Google Business listing for your business. When potential customers or clients are searching locally online via Google search the key phrases they type into the search box will pull up a variety of search results. As an example I have entered a search for the key phrase “local dentist”. The first section that usually shows is the section containing Google Ads, might look like this, depending on what you search for:

The Google Ads shown above are run on an auction basis, the best quality ads with the highest bid will show first. Each time an ad is clicked the business owner is charge a fee.

Right underneath the paid ads section is usually the local Google listings, the first one being an ad, but the remaining 3 are free and relate to the Google Business profile of the business.

As you can imagine, this is a very valuable spot to be shown in, as it costs the business zero dollars when they get a click from one of the top 3 pack, as it’s known as. If you click on one of the businesses listed in the top 3 pack it will take you to the Google Maps profile page of that business, which also lists other businesses next to it.

The following short video will show you how to quickly set up a Google Business account. The second video will show you how to add a new user to manage your account for you.

How To Add A User To Your Google My Business Account

Now that you have your Googe My Business account set up and verified you can add a manager to your account.

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