Do you want to grow your client base? Do you need to drive more traffic to your website? Many companies thrive online. The internet has given people a greater ability to expand their client base. In fact, at the time there are 4.66 billion users online across the world, so if you learn to properly promote your business on the internet, you have the opportunity to gain many more loyal clients. But what are the ways professional marketers expand their companies online? Want to know all of the secrets of the best marketing teams without having to hire more full-time staff? Below, we’ll go into the top 20 pieces of digital marketing advice. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Get on Social Media

When you want to promote your business online, you need to have a professional social media presence. Many people use social media as a way to interact with their friends. They also find the pages of companies they like on there, and they follow them. This gives you the ability to engage your clients and potentially find new ones. Some social media platforms allow you to create a specific business page for your business, so you can focus directly on that page and promote it to your social media followers and customers. Using social media you can share all your content, new and old. When you create a new article, we recommend sharing it on all your social media profiles, and also mention each post in your newsletter, if you have a newsletter.

2. Learn About Social Media Ads

Do you know how to run social media ad campaigns? Once you’ve made successful social media accounts, you have the opportunity to create paid ads. You do this using the platform’s built-in ad maker, which allows you to target your ads to a specific audience. Depending on the social media ads platform you are working with, they will offer various methods of promoting your business via their social network. Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, and Linkedin are all good to start with.

3. Define Your Target Audience

But to which audience should you target your messages? This is where defining your target audience comes in. Your target audience consists of anyone who is likely to purchase your items. You should do research into the exact demographics of who is most likely to buy from you. Then, use this information to craft your ads to prompt them to make purchases.

4. Hire a Professional Website Design Service

Did you know that hiring a website design service actually helps you get more clients? When people access a website, they need to be able to navigate it with ease. If you want them to make a purchase, clearly state what you offer and make sure they know where to go on your site to buy it. Professional website design services give you an engaging website that boosts your sales.

5. Learn About Search Engine Optimization

Put simply, search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which business owners get their websites to perform well in search engine inquiries.

SEO functions by using keywords and links. When you use the right keywords, the search engine algorithms will pull up your website in response to potential client searches. Links help the algorithms determine how reliable the information on your website is, which influences in which order your website shows up in the search results.

6. Use Local SEO

It’s extremely difficult to rank well in search engine results worldwide. That’s why you should partake in local SEO practices to get more customers in your area and shrink your competition pool.

Use keyword research tools to find the most common keywords people in your area employ to find businesses like yours.

7. Use Google Ads

Want to appear higher up in search results? Use Google Ads!

Google Ads lets you create advertisements that then get pinned near the top of search results. This helps more clients find you.

8. Email Marketing

Email marketing keeps your clients engaged. When you get a list of your client’s or potential clients’ emails, you can send them information on deals or business updates. This reminds them of you, builds rapport, and encourages them to buy from you.

9. Send Emails Around Holidays

If you want to improve your email campaigns, start sending targeted emails around the holiday. For instance, if it’s Mother’s Day, share why your products make the best Mother’s Day gifts. This makes your clients more likely to make a purchase.

10. Hire Experts

If you have the resources, hire some professional marketing experts. Whether you choose to hire full-time staff or a marketing agency, these people have the expertise you need to do well.  When you have a team working for you, you stand a better chance of doing well.

11. Study Your Competitors

Want to beat out your competition? If you do, you should study your competitors.

Knowing what your competition does in terms of marketing and what they offer their customers will help you know how to make yourself stand out.

12. Conduct Tests

Unfortunately, not everything works best for every company. So, if you want to know how to grow your client base, you need to know what works well. To do this, conduct some tests, and don’t be afraid to change your approach.

13. Stay on Brand

Every single part of your digital marketing efforts should remain on-brand. Your brand consists of who you are as a company. Are you professional or casual? What tone and style do you use?

14. Maintain Media Relationships

People may not realize the power of the media when it comes to finding customers online. When you keep the media in touch with what’s going on in your company, you increase the likelihood they will write pieces on you and link back to your website. This drives traffic to your platform.

15. Use Images

Online, people don’t like to read huge blocks of text. Often, they’ll just scroll past this, especially if they are on social media. So how do you get their attention? Use engaging images.

16. Make Videos

Likewise, videos engage your clients better than text. They catch their eye and give you the ability to tell the audience a story, which creates an emotional bond. People who have an emotional bond to a brand are more likely to buy from it.

17. Interact

Don’t just create social media profiles. Use them to interact with your clients! Hire a social media manager who can handle client requests and respond to comments. This makes you appear approachable.

18. Have Online Sales

Everyone loves a good deal. If you sell products, advertise your sales online. This causes more people to become aware of them.  If you don’t have any discounted products or services, you may be able to add something of value instead, such as an additional product or service free when they order. This is sometimes a good method of getting rid of any stagnant inventor.

19. Hold Virtual Events

Consider holding virtual events. This allows people to attend from wherever they have a video connection and keeps them abreast of your company’s news. This can be used for brand building or promoting your business, products, and or services to a target audience. You should always promote your events via all your marketing channels months before the actual event starts, so anyone that is interested has time to schedule.

20. Get on Google My Business

Google My Business is Google’s business listing service. It allows you to advertise what you do, provide links to your website, and get customer reviews. Having a Google My Business listing helps more people find you.

Want Us to Help You Promote Your Business?

Do you need help with your efforts to promote your business online? Digital marketing is an important part of growing your clientele. By following the tips above, you’ll be able to build a thriving online platform and grow your client base. Want help with your marketing? Let our experts help. Request a quote today to learn more!

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