With most of the world's 7 billion people logging onto the internet, the ability to perform well online has never been more critical to the success of your business. While many stores operate well within a physical location, knowing how to present yourself on the internet helps you build your online presence and maybe even attract customers to your store. So, do you want to get involved in local marketing online? Do you want to learn more about local SEO? If so, keep reading! We'll go into everything you need to know below!

The Advantages of Marketing Online

If you already have a bustling business, you might wonder why you must participate in online marketing. Why should you take the time to learn how online marketing techniques (or pay someone to do it for you) when you’ve already built a business of which you’re proud?

Having a well-performing online presence is absolutely crucial to growing your client base. While your store may do well with physical advertising, word-of-mouth, and attracting passersby to your location, you can still benefit from trying to get people online to buy from you.

Most of the world’s population logs onto the internet. This means you can expand your client base far beyond your local area. Savvy business owners always want to look to the future and discover how to grow their profit margins. You open yourself to a whole world of new customers by putting yourself online.

Bolstering your online marketing also boosts your local clientele. If you’re a shop that serves a specific audience in your area, for instance, knowing how to conduct local marketing on the web will gain you more customers.

In turn, this gives you more revenue opportunities and the chance to develop loyal clients. 

Search Engine Optimization

Have you heard of search engine optimization (SEO) before?

Most people researching the world of marketing online run into it. Search engines such as Google and Bing use algorithms to sort web pages after a user makes a certain inquiry. Marketing experts track how these algorithms work and try to develop SEO methods to assist businesses in reaching the top of the search results.

SEO functions using keywords and links. When you use SEO for business, you need to figure out which keywords people are typing into search engines to find services like yours. You accomplish this by using keyword research tools or consulting with professional online marketers specializing in SEO for business. 

Then, you try to incorporate as many of those keywords into the content of your website. This shows search engines your content is relevant to the people looking for your services.


Next, you want to establish reliability. When algorithms review online content, they’re looking for relevant and reliable information so their users get the best results. They do this by looking for links. The more someone links to your website, the more reliable the algorithms believe your content is.

While you can’t always control who links to your website and who doesn’t, you can do your linking. Link to pages on your website and interesting, relevant information you find on other places on the web. The algorithm ranks your content higher when you link either within your website or to another site.

What Is Local SEO?

Let’s face it, though: there are millions of different online stores worldwide, and ranking well as you compete against so many companies is extremely difficult.

But did you know you actually might stand a greater chance of growing your business locally? 

Think of it this way: search engines often give you local listings whenever you inquire about a product or service you need. For instance, if you search “Bookstores near me,” the search engine might bring up your local Barnes & Noble or indie bookshops. If you were to do the same search in another town, though, the search results would be different.

That’s because algorithms actually use the location of people’s laptops or mobile devices to determine which results are the most relevant to that user. They pair people with products and services in their area.

This is good news for you. When you use local SEO for small business purposes, you can expand your reach locally and narrow your competitors to those in your hometown. This especially serves brick-and-mortar stores well, as people in their area can locate them more easily.

Using Local SEO

So, how do you implement local SEO?

Again, SEO depends greatly on keywords, and local SEO is no exception. The key to ranking well in your area is knowing which keywords people in your region commonly use to find businesses like yours. Fortunately, you can use keyword research tools to determine which ones are the best for you to use.

When you implement SEO for business, you should start seeing more traffic to your website, which gives you a chance to convert them into customers. 

Want to Improve Your Local Marketing?

Are you looking to improve your local marketing and local SEO?

When you implement SEO services for small businesses, you should see an increase in the number of people who visit your website. Using local marketing techniques, such as local SEO, opens your client base to the opportunity for growth and expands your business. 

Do you want some help making your online presence the best possible? We can help! Our talented team specializes in making you stand out on the web. Request a quote today!

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