WordPress Website Maintenance Packages

WordPress Website Maintenance Packages

Seller’s Bay offers various WordPress-related services to bring your website to the next level. Our WordPress website maintenance packages contain everything you need in one package.

At Seller’s Bay, we have been building, advertising, and maintaining WordPress websites since they started. Seller’s Bay offers high-quality website maintenance packages to suit any WordPress website.

The variety of websites you can create with WordPress is endless. For example, you can combine WordPress with a plugin called WooCommerce to create a large eCommerce store and sell thousands of products. Use WooCommerce and other plugins to customize it to create membership websites with recurring billing, coupons, and discounts; the sky is the limit.  

We can use WordPress as the base for online directories, magazine websites, social networks, and regular websites. But almost any type of website can be created using WordPress as the base, along with custom development.

We can assist you with all tasks related to your WordPress website.

Install and Configure WordPress Plugins

Over time your WordPress website will require periodic updates to plugins and the theme of your website. The plugins are the applications within your website that help add functionality, such as WooCommerce, forms, newsletters, or SEO-related plugins, to name just a few.

A WordPress website can have a few or many plugins depending on the requirements of your website. We have highly skilled website developers that know how to install, configure and build WordPress plugins to increase the functionality of your website and keep it running smoothly.

Many website owners have plugins that are not working correctly and have no idea until they have already lost valuable leads and conversions on their website. It’s crucial to conduct regular testing after your website plugins are up to date to ensure everything is functioning as it should be.

Create new WordPress themes or plugins from scratch

We have the skills and experience to create cutting-edge WordPress themes for any website you require. We can build a 100% custom theme or take a theme already built and customize it to meet your exact requirement.

Write Content For Your WordPress Blog

If your website has a blog, it’s a great idea to add high-quality, long-form content that is useful to your target audience. You can also add pages to your WordPress website. Still, it’s usually easier to develop posts for your blog as you will run out of services and other business-related pages quickly. The main point is to make sure you add relevant, helpful, and long-form content to your website consistently and share this content with your social media followers and your newsletter.

These tasks take a long time to research, write the articles, optimize them for search engines and then share them correctly on the various social networks. 

SEO Optimize Your WordPress Website

Chances are you found this page because it is SEO optimized for your search keywords. Our WordPress website maintenance packages offer advanced SEO techniques, which can greatly improve your search engine rankings. We specialize in search engine optimization, optimizing your entire website to give it a good chance of ranking for your target keywords. 

SEO requires research first to find the correct words to focus on, and then we need to monitor the key phrases to ensure they are improving in rankings over time. Creating high-quality content serves no purpose if no one looks for it.

WordPress Website Speed & Functionality Testing

Seller’s Bay can optimize your website to load faster. Because search engines like Google search seek to give their consumers the most pleasant possible search experience, website speed is a crucial component in search engine results. Google brought out “The page experience update” on June 16th, 2021, prioritizing pages with good performance indicators and fast load times.

To increase the performance of your website, we run various tests and repair any issues we find. We also run monthly reports to find and fix any errors in the future. Testing and correcting errors ensure your website runs at its optimum speed and functionality. Eliminating these errors ensures we can focus on other tasks instead of wondering if the errors are causing ranking issues. 

WordPress Training Videos

After your website is complete and live, we can create training videos to show you how to use the various parts of your website. The videos will depend on what kind of website we build for you. For example, if we create an eCommerce website for your business, we can show you how to add products, process orders, adjust shipping, or do any tasks you need to learn.

We first go over the website with you via phone to show you around. You can then request specific videos on the sections you are not clear on, so we can create a video on the points you find the most challenging. Most of our websites are very user-friendly and require no programming to run. These videos give you a headstart on the management tasks of any website.

However, if you require maintenance or full-blown marketing campaigns for your online business, we offer various online marketing packages to suit any budget.

WordPress Blogging and Content Marketing

As mentioned in this article, we can write content for your blog. However, there is far more to it than simply writing an article. Content marketing is creating highly relevant, valuable, long-form content that attracts the right visitors to your website. High-quality content builds the authority of your website, which is a significant factor in ranking your website for challenging keyword phrases. Website authority means your website is considered an authority by search engines for the subject you write about because it is well-written, shared, linked to, and bookmarked by users. 

It takes a lot of time to build an authoritative website organically, but the rewards can be significant due to the boost it provides for any future content you add to your website. A website with a high-authority value can rank for much more difficult key phrases, which translates to more targeted traffic, sales, and leads for your business.


Seller’s Bay knows how to increase your website’s authority by adding great, helpful, unique content to your website, then SEO optimizing, linking, sharing, and monitoring that content to make adjustments as needed.  

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Need Help Building Your Business Website?

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Finally, I have found a design and marketing team that is as dedicated to the success of my business as I am. Robert and his team deserve high praise for their work ethic and ingenuity. They successfully switched over and transformed our websites (pellet-stove-parts-4less.com)  from Volusion templates to Shopify, and the results have been tremendous. Once the websites were designed and up and running, Sellers Bay took over my PPC and SEO campaigns, and the results speak for themselves. We have doubled sales, and our organic sales are now 45% of total sales versus before they took over, which were only 22% of sales. This switch allows us to reduce our PPC spend and increase sales dramatically at the same time. It's also highly convenient to have one company to handle all our needs. Throughout the years, we have tried many other companies all over the United States to work on our tasks, and none were able to do what Sellers Bay has done in just six months.

Robert Hanflig

Owner, The Stove Center

Seller's Bay has helped us with so many aspects of our website. From page design to managing PPC advertising, they have the expertise to help grow any business that needs a quality online presence. I highly recommend their services.
Mike Monahan

Owner, Signature School Products, Inc.

Seller's Bay is trustworthy, i.e., genuinely has the client's best interest and is highly capable of delivering high-value, quality web design at a reasonable price. Furthermore, Seller's Bay is dependable regarding follow-up customer/client service. I know this because Robert Long of Seller's Bay designed my fairly involved business website and has maintained it well for well over ten years. I may soon hire Seller's Bay to help create a much-improved website, and I may also reach out for his help regarding high-impact Online Marketing.

Here is why! Robert Long of Seller's Bay carefully listened to my needs, offered many constructive ideas, then communicated regularly, always working in a timely, professional manner -- delivering a strong website product that was right on target for my business, and again at a reasonable price.
Seller's Bay has proven to be excellent at being available for updates and keeping a website operating well. If a website ever runs into a problem, and they do, know that if Seller's Bay designed it, you could rely on Robert Long to be there for you quickly and get you back up to full speed. Again, he is trustworthy! I feel good about recommending Seller's Bay and Robert Long.

Robert Belcher

Owner, Belcher & Associates

I have worked with Robert and his team on several different projects. They always do a great job, and they are very professional. I highly recommend them!
Christie McClung

Sales, gulffencecon.com

Robert worked with me to help upgrade, redesign and market one of my eCommerce websites, and he was GREAT! I'm happy with the results. He was always on time, I felt he charged reasonable rates, and he was easy to work with, especially in moving the project along. I recommend him and would hire him again in the future if needed.
Sherry Gillis

Owner, SkywayTools.com

 We were very pleased with Robert’s expertise and creativeness when he built our company website. We knew we needed a website but did not know the first thing about what information needed to appear on one. Robert advised us, built the website and continues to update and make any changes we need made. He does this professionally, timely and economically.
Janet Woodworth

Owner, Woodworth Services, LLC

Robert is extremely conscientious and good to work with.
Joseph Griffith

Attorney, Joe Griffith Law Firm, LLC

 Our website currently ranks number 3 on Google for the keyword search term; custom corvettes, which is our main keyword set. Besides the excellent web design and programming skills WDS provided, they also did a excellent job setting it up so that I could navigate and edit it myself. They were very patient dealing with me and my very limited knowledge of Web site design and terminology. Our new Web site looks very professional and represents our business well.
Kerry Jamison

Owner, Jamison's Custom Corvette, Inc.

 Working with Seller's Bay was fantastic. I called three other companies asking them for Power Point Illustrations and not only was the service much better at Seller's Bay but the price was too. It is rare that in today's business world, someone under promises and over delivers but in my experience that is exactly what happened. They were very easy to work with, their product was very good, and it made me look good as a result.

Owner, Barndollar Financial Services

 Seller's Bay's enthusiasm for our web development project was only outdone by their expertise, creativity and professionalism. Their combined design skills and programming knowledge helped us communicate effectively and thus, expedited the project’s completion. Being under a tight timeline, they exceeded my expectations for meeting our deadline. Above all, Seller's Bay's main concern was to make sure we, as a company, were satisfied and happy with our site. They were very responsive to all our concerns and project modifications. I would recommend Seller's Bay to anyone who appreciates one on one service and a first-rate end product. Our company gladly will continue to work with Seller's Bay on this and future projects.
Advantage Office Furniture

Staff, Advantage Office Furniture

 Thanks to Robert for the excellent job Seller's Bay did for our company on a tight Web site development schedule. The process was not only fast and efficient it was conducted in an extremely professional manner and at a reasonable and fair price.I would recommend the services of Robert and his web development firm highly to any businessman looking for prompt, professional creativity and workmanship in fulfilling their vision for their company Web site.
Wild Fire Wi-Fi Connections

Staff, Wild Fire Wi-Fi Connections

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