Website Maintenance Services


What’s Included in our website support packs?

Our support includes everything you need to create, maintain, support and promote your website, all in one place.

  • Programming
  • SEO and Online Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Logo Design
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Optimize your entire website
  • Make your website responsive so it loads well on mobile devices
  • Adding or changing images in your image gallery, slideshow, or for a product page
  • Remove a virus from your website
  • Move your website to a new host
  • Write a professional article
  • Adding a video to your website
  • Adding a blog post (content provided by client)
  • Adding a content page to your website or blog (content provided by client)
  • Adding or updating a product on your website including prices, description, images, features
  • Making text changes to your website
  • Modify the meta tags on your website
  • Run a full backup of your site and send it to
  • Adding an email account or changing a password
  • Retrieving your password in the case you get locked out of your website
  • Run advanced SEO reports

Here are a few reasons why this is the best option to keep your site updated and ranking well:

  1. We have time tested and highly skilled designers, developers and online marketing experts so you don’t have to wonder if they are qualified for the project
  2. You will get support directly from our project manager and our expert team
  3. There are no contracts or monthly fees
  4. We have been building and promoting websites since 1998, so you can rest assured that we know what we are doing

It’s like having your own dedicated, full-service design firm
just for your website.
Since the latest Google Panda and Penguin updates, as well as all the other updates Google has been making to their search engine, it is now crucial for every website to be up to date.  Your website needs to  have new, interesting and relevant content, that is correctly optimized for search engines.

Your website needs to grow, or it will disappear from search engines and your traffic will eventually disappear also. We offer an all-inclusive support system for your website.  No more hunting around for a freelancer and hoping you can trust them. We offer everything your website needs in one place.  Just open a ticket and we’ll get started.

What’s not included?

That’s easy to answer because  everything is included, if it’s on our service list, then it’s included in your plan.  We offer everything you could need; from advanced programming to custom design and SEO.  Each service will be provided by a highly skilled professional.

How to submit your requests

Once you have signed up for our maintenance support plan you will be assigned your own account in our online support ticket system.   Once your task has been completed you will be notified. We can provide support for any kind of website.

Available Services

  • Web Development (most programming languages available)
  • Database Development (MS SQL, MySQL, Access)
  • Web Design (all aspects)
  • Content Management System, design, development and repair of all types of CMS
  • Graphic Design
  • Online Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Text Editing
  • Content Writing
  • Data-entry
  • Image Editing
  • Website Configuration and Installation
  • General Website Maintenance Tasks
  • Server Administration Tasks
  • Plus many other services, too many to list here.