Web Design Project Set-Up Guide

If you have recently hired us to build your website, then the following will outline some of the items required to finish the new website. If you have any questions please call us at: (407) 755-7788

Please fill in this questionnaire to give us a head start in your home page design phase.

Website Questionnaire

If you require a logo design from us, please fill in the following questionnaire, which is specifically for your logo.

Logo Questionnaire

Purchase Your Domain Name & Delegate Access

Please purchase your domain name from Godaddy.com and then delegate access to us, using the email address, sellersbay@gmail.com.  This will allow us to connect your domain name to your website when it’s finished.

  1. Login to your godaddy account (if you do not already have a Godaddy.com account you will after you purchase your domain name and hosting plan).
  2. As shown in the graphic below, “Account Settings” select the “Deligate Access” link.
  3. Also shown in the graphic below, click the “Invite to access” link shown on the right.
  4. Invite us with the name “Seller’s Bay” and the email address “sellersbay@gmail.com

Website Hosting

Although it is not required immediately, you will need to sign up for a website hosting account to store your new website and its files. We recommend Godaddy, specifically their Cpanel version of hosting. If you purchase your domain with Godaddy.com then you might as well order your hosting during this process.  We recommend their “Delux” plan on this page. https://www.godaddy.com/en-ca/hosting/web-hosting

What We Will Need To Setup Your Website

The following list of items will not encompass everything required to set up your online business, however, it’s a very good starting point.  We will provide additional requirements as needed during the design and development process.

Page Content

A typical Website has the following pages, we will need content for each page. Depending on what type of website you have, you may or may not have other pages, please provide content for each page separately in an email or uploaded to your Google Drive folder.

  • Privacy Policy
    • This page should outline your privacy policy, if you do not yet have a privacy policy we recommend legalzoom.com as they provide high-quality services as a reasonable price.
  • About Us Page
    • This page is quite important to gain trust from your customers, it should go into as much detail as possible about you and your business and outline the most important parts that make you better than your competitors.
  • Home Page
    • This page should outline the most important parts of your website.  Go into some details about your company but most of the details should be left for your about us page.  This page should mainly focus on your products and or services.  It is usually the main entry point for most of your customers.
  • Services and or Products Page
    • If you offer services or products please provide details for each service or product.
  • Contact Us
    • If you offer customer support, sales and different departments then they should be listed here with corresponding contact details.  We will also add a contact form on this page, so they can contact you via email without you listing your email address on the site.

What We Can Do While We Wait For Your Content

Although you should not wait to start gathering the information noted above, we will start your project while you are gathering it.  It’s crucial that we get all the required details in a timely manner to meet any deadlines in your contract. The following items have probably already started while you are reading this document.

  • Website planning
    • We will review your requirements and start mapping and planning the layout and design of your website.
    • Begin creating your logo, if you purchased one from us.
    • Begin creating the initial design of your home page and possibly some internal pages
    • Setup your testing server
    • Build commen elements onto your websites, such as contact forms, and any place holder pages for common pages required, such as your privacy policy, return policy and so on.

If you have any questions please contact us at: (407) 755-7788, thank you and we look forward to working with you.