WDS Twitter Fan Page Demo 

WDS Twitter Fan Page is shown on the right side of this page in static mode, but it also has a tab mode which many people prefer as it saves on space. The tab mode is shown in the images above. 

This is a Joomla! module extension.  You can place it in any module position on your Joomla! 2.5, 3.X website or you can have it show as a slide out tab on the left or right of your web page. You can also switch the modes from follow to fans and.  It will show a twitter fan page similar to the one on the right of this page.  You can change the colors as well as many other features, within the admin area. 

This Twitter module was mainly created because there is a need for one that does not break when Twitter alteres things on their end.  This module will keep working as it uses their API and this allows it to adjust as needed.  It is still very easy to setup and once you go through a few easy steps, which are clearly outlined within the plugin's admin area, you will be up and running in no time.  We have a support ticket system and a support forum, in case you need help with anything.

This extention is very easy to use and future ready.  Meaning it won't break when Twitter stops allowing access without its API (Which it already has).  WDS Twitter Fan Page uses their API so it will keep working. 



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