Why Adding Quality Content Helps Your Website Grow

Why Adding Quality Content Helps Your Website Grow

If you have a business website then you know how difficult it is to increase organic traffic, links, leads, and sales. As an example, If you own a service-type business, there are only so many regular pages you can add, such as your home page, about us, FAQ, service pages, contact us, and maybe you can think of 10 others. However, at some point, you will run out of ideas or reasons to add new pages to your website.

Add A Blog To Your Website

Having a blog in which you write regular content, which truly teaches your target audience and answers important questions related to your industry will dramatically increase the overall authority, or strength of your website. If you continue to increase the strength of your website, but your competitors do not, then your website will show for the keywords your customers are looking for, instead of your competitors.

In the early days of the Internet, a business owner could create a nice-looking 10 pages website and then gain thousands of spammy links to it to increase the rankings, traffic, and sales for their business. However, in today’s Internet, with Google’s continuous search engine algorithm updates, having lots of links to your website can be seen as spam and get your website penalized if those links were not earned organically.

It’s now best to grow your website gradually, by adding regular, quality content to it, which answers questions or solves a problem for your customers or clients. That’s what the Internet is really for, it’s information and Google wants useful, helpful information not duplicate garbage.

How do you create all this quality content?

There really are only three ways to create content for your website. The best way, but also the most time-consuming, is to write the content yourself. This of course is not always possible, but sometimes you might find that because you are a true authority in whatever business you are in, writing about what you do every day comes easy and you can create a 1000+ word article within a few hours or less.

On the other hand, if you are struggling to come up with the title of your blog post and then it takes you days or weeks to write it, it might be time to consider option two, which is to hire a professional writer. To speed things along, and ensure a more accurate article, you should provide as much detail to your writer as possible.

Option three is a hybrid of the two and works best for most businesses. First, you hire someone to write the content, after you provide them with a general idea of what you want them to write. Then you go through the finished article and try to adjust it so it’s better and possibly more detailed.

Adding The Content To Your Blog

Now that you have that new piece of content written, proofread, and ready to go, you now have to add it to your blog. If your website is a WordPress site, then this is quite easy to do and there are numerous blog posts and youtube videos explaining exactly how to do it.

Be sure to add it to a relevant blog category, add the appropriate tags, and link to other related blog posts, both internally in your own blog, to your products or related pages, and externally to any non-competing, authority websites.

Anything you link to should add something to the article, or don’t link to it. If you link to an external website be sure to add the nofollow attribute to your link, this can be done with a plugin if you research it a bit, it’s not hard to do.

SEO Optimize Your Blog Post

After you have written your blog post, make sure the URL is focused on a keyword phrase you are targeting. The free WordPress plugin Yoast SEO is a very good addition to any WordPress website and will guide the whole process of optimizing your blog. The main points you need to watch are that your images have alt and title tags, the META title and Description tags are both optimized for your post and you are correctly adding H1, H2, and H3 tags which are relevant to your post.

Build The Authority Of Your Website

You may have heard of Google Page Authority, this is known to be a major factor in how Google ranks a website. The authority of your website increases based on many factors, but mainly if the content written is informative, useful, well written, shared, and correctly optimized this will generally attract links and in turn increase the authority of that post and of your entire website. The higher the authority score of your website, the easier it will be to rank new content, and you will start moving up in rankings for many other key phrases.

Why I Wrote This Post

Over the past 22 years, I have had many clients who I helped to become very rich, some are now even multi-millionaire, however, I’ve also had many clients who never increased the traffic of their website, or at least not enough to keep them happy enough to stay as a client.

The main difference in the two types of clients was obvious, the ones that became rich listened to my advice and sometimes even gave me some, so we worked as a team, they added plenty of content, worked with me to build new content, images, products, categories, blog posts, and gained links from their business associates that were related to their business.

It takes a team on both sides to make this work. You have to really want to succeed, no matter what business you are in, or what you are doing in life, if you don’t truly want to be doing it then you won’t succeed.

But if you add high-quality, useful content that truly helps your customers or clients or answers important, relevant questions that are related to your industry, optimize it, share it, link it out and internally, and add great-looking images to it, then over time, your website will get stronger.

It’s kind of like if you don’t work out you won’t get stronger. You will either stay the same or get weaker, well it’s the same with a website. The quality content you add to your website is how your website grows and gets stronger, strength, in this case, is known as website authority and it’s what Google views as one of the leading ranking factors. If you increase your website’s authority everything else is exponentially easier.

If you are struggling with ranking your website or writing articles we can assist with both, so contact me today for a free consultation at 407-755-7788 or fill in this short form and I will respond within 1 business day.

Why Should I Hire an SEO Expert?

Why Should I Hire an SEO Expert?

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