COVID-19 has brought challenging times for most of us and especially for businesses worldwide.

Food delivery, grocery delivery, or even a cab service was once considered a luxury. But now it’s a necessity. People are afraid to leave their homes. The COVID-19 has flipped the lives of people upside down. To increase business during COVID-19, one must rethink sales and marketing strategies.

Here are some ways to boost sales even in COVID-19:

Earn Trust with Virtual Tools

The last few months have shifted the in-person sales model to a virtual video conferencing model. Clients now expect businesses to leverage modern-day techs, such as Zoom, Skype, and other tools to deliver pleasant, safe, and efficient customer experiences.

Customer engagement tools that provide virtual tours, video stories, and live video on social media have increased website business and driven massive sales increases. Doctors, Law firms, psychologists, teachers, company meetings, and more are now completed virtually in many instances. So now, more than ever, it’s important to think outside the box and come up with new methods to gain new clients and keep the ones you have using every available means.

Revamp Your Content & Website

Change your content from sales-based to information-based. Be it blogs, social media posts, or content on your website; every piece must be designed to educate the customer on their current needs and interests, just as the one you are reading now is doing.

Pose your business as a valuable resource to the community that is delivering a promise. Gain the customer’s trust by providing value and build a strong bond with resourceful content, which will truly help their business.

Differentiate your brand by telling a heartfelt brand story. Inform the customer of how your proactive approach sets you apart. Share long-term and short-term goals through blogs, social media posts, press releases, and video conferences.

Be Transparent & Honest

While most companies feel hesitant to share how the pandemic has impacted their business, customers respect honest and transparent brands.

Detailed email notification of the change in policies and business practices will strengthen trust among customers. Respond to crisis-related questions positively and productively. Customers are upset, talk to them, and tell them how your business can resolve their issue.

In hard-times, clear communication is the key to increase business during COVID-19. Tell the customers which products/services will be available, the delay in the delivery, and what preventive measures you are taking to keep the customer and staff safe.

Improve Your SEO

In current times, you cannot rely on customers visiting your store physically. If you are not there on the first page of Google, you’ve already lost the battle.

Here’s what you can do:

Improve your page loading speed: One of the quickest ways to get noticed by a search engine is to speed-up your website to enhance your rank.

Produce More Content: When your product more content, you’ll show up more in search engines and social media. This will present an opportunity for you to make a sale. Create content that relates to your customers, products, and or services.  For example, you could have services you offer that are not on your website, or you may have services you offer that are new due to Covid 19, which will help your customers or clients.

In the End

In recent times, the way businesses make sales and generate revenue has changed. You must adopt the new system before your competitors take hold of it. Tools like video conferencing, live video, and product demonstration on video will help you get ahead of your competition.

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