Pellet Stove Parts For Less

Pellet Stove Parts For Less sells high quality replacement parts for pellet stoves and also for HVAC systems.  We were tasked with a massive project to convert several of their volusions websites into Shopify stores and then to improve their organic search engine rankings after the switch was completed.

Review From For This Website

Finally I have found a design and marketing team that is as dedicated to the success of my business as I am. Robert and his team deserve high praise for their work ethic and ingenuity. They successfully switched over and transformed our websites ( and ( from Volusion templates to Shopify and the results have been tremendous. Once the websites were designed and up and running, Sellers Bay then took over my PPC and SEO campaigns and the results speak for themselves. We have doubled sales and our organic sales are now 45% of total sales verses before they took over which were only 22% of sales. This switch allows us to reduce our PPC spend and increase sales dramatically at the same time. It’s also extremely convenient to have one company that can handle all our needs. Throughout the years we have tried many other companies all over the United States to work on our tasks and none were able to do what Sellers Bay has done in just 6 months time.

Rob Hanflig

Owner, Pellet Stove Parts For Less

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