Choosing a domain name is a very important part of any online business’s success.  Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the past 20 years, which should help you select the perfect domain for your new website.

Make Sure Your Domain Fits Your Business

This may seem obvious but you should make sure that the name you choose for your domain, is fitting with the name of your business.  Most importantly it should be within the branding of your business.  So if your business is called “FancyPantsDesign” then you should try to get and also think about changing your business name, because it sucks 🙂

But after you figure out what you want to call your business, make sure you buy the domain as soon as possible so that you are sure to get it.  Domain names tend to go fast.

Keep Your Domain Name Short & Sweet

Short domain names are not only easy to remember, but they are also easy to type and many people don’t like typing long domain names, worse still, some people are very bad at typing and could type a very long domain name incorrectly.

Try to stick to 9 characters or less and use words that make sense and are easy to remember.  Stay away from words that could be easily confused, such as which could be confused with

If you have to get this type of domain then try to get both versions and 301 forward the one you won’t use.  This way you won’t lose as much traffic.

Purchase Your Domain From A Reliable Supplier

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