eCommerce Project Set-Up Guide

If you have recently hired us to build your website, the following will outline some items required to finish your online store. If you have any questions, please call us at: (407) 755-7788

Please fill in this questionnaire to give us a head start in your home page design phase.

Website Questionnaire

If you require a logo design from us, please fill in the following questionnaire specifically for your logo.

Logo Questionnaire

Purchase Your Domain Name & Delegate Access

Please purchase your domain name from and then delegate access to us using the email address This will allow us to connect your domain name to your website when it’s finished.

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  2. The graphic below shows “Account Settings” select the “Delegate Access” link.
  3. Also shown in the graphic below, click the “Invite to access” link shown on the right.
  4. Invite us with the name “Seller’s Bay” and the email address “

Website Hosting

Although it is not required immediately, you will need to sign up for a website hosting account to store your new website and its files. We recommend either Godaddy, specifically their Cpanel version of hosting. If you purchase your domain with, you might order your hosting during this process. We recommend their “Delux” plan on this page.

What We Will Need To Setup Your Online Store

The following list of items will not encompass everything required to set up your online business. However, it’s a perfect starting point. We will provide additional requirements as needed during the design and development process.

Top Categories Based On Your Quote

The category pages of your online store are essential, and they are usually the main entry point for your customers. Each page needs to have a short paragraph of text to explain what is in the category and for search engines to know what is on the page.

  • Please provide all of the top-level categories you would like us to add to your store. Categories are the name of the categories your products will fit into, such as “Hats,” “Shoes,” “Jewelry,” and so on.
  • We will need a short paragraph of text for each category and a nice-looking image to use within that category.

Product Details (Only for the number of products agreed upon in your quote)

Product details pages are the pages that contain all the specific details for a particular product. If a customer goes to your category page and clicks on one of that page’s products, they are taken to the product’s details page. This page should provide as much detail about the product as possible, but we will need the following.

  • Product name
  • Product options, such as sizes, colors, and so on. 
  • Product images: If your product has several photos, choose the best ones and send them to us. We will provide a Google Drive folder for you to upload them. These images should be good quality and well presented. 
  • Product SKU
  • Any specifics about the product, or why it’s better than the competitors, and any good selling points, should be included in the product description.
  • Product UPC, if possible, it’s not required but highly recommended if you want to create listings on Amazon or Google shopping.
  • Product weight on its own (used for accurate shipping)
  • Product length, width, and height (used for valid shipping)
  • Regions you will ship to (We recommend starting with the USA only, as it gets complex if you ship internationally)
  • Tax zones, known as nexus, we would need to know where you have nexus to collect sales tax. We will need to set up the zip codes in your online store to collect tax for these zones.

Page Content

A typical eCommerce website has the following pages; we will need content for each page.

  • Privacy Policy
    • This page should outline your privacy policy, and a law firm should review it for you.
  • Return Policy
    • This page should outline your return policy in as much detail as possible. 
  • Shipping Policy
    • Outline the shipping methods used, where you ship to and don’t, and anything else you think is relevant to your shipping setup.
  • About Us Page
    • This page is essential to gaining the trust of your customers, and it should go into as much detail as possible about you and your business and outline the vital parts that make you better than your competitors.
  • Home Page
    • This page should outline the most critical parts of your website. Go into some detail about your company, but leave most of the information for your about us page. This page should mainly focus on your products and or services. It is usually the main entry point for most of your customers.
  • Contact Us
    • If you offer customer support, sales, and different departments, they should be listed with corresponding contact details. We will also add a contact form on this page, so they can contact you via email without you listing your email address on the site.

What We Can Do While We Wait For Your Content

Although you should not wait to start gathering the information noted above, we will create your project while you are assembling it. We must get all the required details on time to meet any deadlines in your contract. The following items have probably already started while you are reading this document.

  • Website planning
  • We will review your requirements and start mapping and planning the layout and design of your website.
  • Begin creating your logo if you purchased one from us.
  • Begin creating the initial design of your home page and possibly some internal pages
  • Setup your testing server
  • Build common elements onto your websites, such as shipping, payment gateways, and any placeholder pages for standard pages required, such as your privacy policy, return policy, etc.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at (407) 755-7788, and we look forward to working with you.

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