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We offer professional blog writing services at affordable rates and high quality.  Our writers are US based and English is their native language.  However, we can also write articles in several other languages of your choice.  We do everything for you, we write it, optimize it and can even add it to your blog for you.  All articles include at least 1 free stock photo, which is also optimized.

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Blog Writing Service Experience

Adding quality content to your website is more important than ever.  Google and other major search engines loves high-quality content, so adding lots of it is a great idea, as it will help your website gain more traffic and rank for more keywords.  The content needs to be useful, relevant and engaging in some way.  Our highly skilled team of blog content writers will create articles which focus on your target niche and link to your products or pages within your site, or out to other relevant sites.  This greatly improves your SEO.  Each article is carefully SEO optimized by one of our SEO experts.  

Why 1000 Word Blog Posts?

If you really want to get results with your content, we highly recommend writing posts that are 1000 words in length or more.  This allows for a good quality article and gives you plenty of room for SEO optimization, and for targeting specific keyphrases without breaking any of Google’s rules.  We will write and optimize your post to the highest standards.

1000 Word Articles Only $99

For only $99 we will write a professional article with at least 1000 words on a highly relevant subject of your choice.  We will then do keyword research to find the best key phrases to target.  We will then optimize the article for these key phrases and add it correctly to your website.  The price is the same for either a blog post or a new page on your website.  Price also includes 1 image.

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